Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yezdi Roadking Port Timing Diagram

For all you Roadking enthusiasts here's the map. Click on the image for a detailed view.

Maja maadi!


B. Mukesh said...

Thanks for the diagram! How did you arrive at these timings, considering the Yezdi detailed engine specs aren't available online? Please, can you also post the timings for Yezdi Classic/CL2/Model-B? If the engine specs are available somewhere, a pointer would suffice. Thanks for responding.

Subramanyam N said...


I could not find the specs online. So I had to draw them myself with a stock bore and piston.

B. Mukesh said...

Good work indeed. However, I'm also going to have to do my own timing diagram with a CL-2 bore as that's what I was interested in. I was hoping for some as such 'uncovered' goldmine of detailed engine specs (with dyno charts would be even better) from Ideal Jawa or some Yezdi racing team, but it looks like you did the hard work yourself. Anyways, thanks!

Subramanyam N said...

Thank you :)