Saturday, February 21, 2009

1 Subramanyam

What do you say when the waiter asks you how strong your coffee needs to be?

'n' Subramanyam. 'n' belongs to Real Numbers.

What does 1 Subramanyam strong coffee mean?
It is 1:1 ratio by volume of no-water-added cow's milk and coffee decoction prepared by 1:20 by weight of freshly ground Coffea Canephora seeds and water at a temperature of 363 K at sea-level.

So the next time you prepare filter coffee, make sure you express the strength of coffee in Subramanyams.

PS: The ideal South Indian strong filter coffee comes to about 0.8 Subramanyams. Also note, addition of chicory is just to enhance viscosity. And expression in Subramanyams is pure coffee excluding the chicory content.