Friday, November 28, 2008

RIP, pal

I hated you, I ran from you,
Your long black mush, your slimy move,
Your dark brown luster added too.
Mom said you wouldn' come, if I'm good,
Cleaned my place didn't spill my food,
I didn' wanna see you, so did all I could.

I'm a man now big and bold,
I don't believe I did what my mother told,
Though I see you, my spine still turns cold.
You could jump and fly on me,
You are old now and your legs are weak,
You move with the wall to the place you seek.

You could die if I let you go,
Theres poisoned food but you don't know,
Or you could be slayed 'cos you aren't one of us.
I offered you sticks, you climbed on to
I put you out in the rainy night for it wouldn' kill you.
I then slept happy that I saved you.

Its morning now I open the door,
You lie in the water, your back to the floor
Hard to believe your life has end
I really miss you my cockroach friend.