Monday, June 22, 2009

Indians and the T-20

It is in a way good the Indian team did not reach the semifinals. The crazy amounts of undeserved money that would've gone as awards to them by their respective state governments is saved! Thankfully!


Gecko said...

And the unnecessary celebration where last year college girls got molested by a bunch of drunk oldies! The acres of land, the unnecessary security provided to no-so-valuable players, etc etc

Subramanyam N said...

Looking just at cricket, Yuvraj got a crore from Rajasthan govt two years ago for hitting 6 sixers in 6 balls. It is an unparalleled achievement, I agree. But is he in need of Rs. 1 Crore from the govt??? Could've given him a respectable honur or a prize! But why the money??? Indian cricketers, the highest paid ones in the world, don't need money!