Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bengaluru Midnight Marathon 2009

Atlast it was time for the Bengaluru Midnight run. After completing 5Km and 10Km runs in the BSNL and Sunfeast-10K, I had registered for the Half Marathon this time.
Practice for this run was not all that good. I had trouble getting adjusted to those running shoes. I thought I wouldn't run this time. GK kept insisting that I atleast walk and finish it.
The reporting time at the venue was 10PM on 10-Jan. The run would start from Hope-farm along NH207, turning right into Varthur main road upto Tubarahalli and back along the same road. Two such laps to make it 21.1 Km.
The run started at 12:00AM sharp. Luckily I got into a rhythm and it didn't feel very hard till the 17th Kilometer. It was a mixture of run & walk after that. The total run took me 2 hours and 56 minutes to complete. It was the longest run of my life and was just happy that I finished it.
The cold weather and the run has taken a toll on my muscles. Both legs feel like logs and I've forgotten how to bend my knees! Hope I'll be fine in a day or two!
The pain was worth the gain eventually ;)


Vinay S Shastry said...

Congrats Sub!!!

Gecko said...

Congrats on completion of your first half-marathon! many more to come? yes? I think it wasn't a bad idea to run in warmers after all!